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Rejuvinit© Anti Ageing Cream (Currently Discontinued)




Rejuvinit© Anti-Ageing Cream contains Rejuvinit© Gold and is and ultra-moisturizing cream suitable for top to toe pampering 

Rejuvinit© Anti-ageing Cream is ideal for mature, depleted or dry skin types 

Rejuvinit© Cream is used as an anti-ageing and moisturizing maintenance regime 

Most clients use it as a moisturizing, anti-ageing evening cream 

Can be used as an evening eye cream 

Age Spot reduction results may show from as early as day 5 

Beneficial for scar and stretch mark reduction 

10ml is a month’s supply on regular skin  

Expiry date is indicated on product 

Keep tightly closed at room temperature 


Contains: Natural plant oils, oleoresin oil, proprietary blend of essential floral oils, coconut cream. 


Precaution: Do not use Rejuvinit© Cream during pregnancy. Suitable for topical application. Healing Oil products contain traces of nuts. Safety section.


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