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Rejuvinit Beauty Oil 10ml (US$)

Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil, All Natural Skin Rejuvenator suitable for Fine Line Wrinkles, Acne / acne scarring, Skin Discoloration, Scars and Stretch Marks, Age and liver spots, Damage caused by sunburn, Care for skin cancer spots, Reducing large pores on face and nose, May assist with PMS, painful periods and hot flushes
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Rejuvinit© Beauty and Skin Oil is a general skin toner and rejuvenator as well as a facial, neck and hand oil.

Rejuvinit© is absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving a pleasant, uplifting and relaxing smell.

Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil is suitable for:

ü      Wrinkles

ü      Acne, pimples, adult acne, acne scarring

ü      Skin Discoloration

ü      Scar Care and Stretch Marks

ü      Age and liver spots

ü      Damage caused by sunburn

ü      Excessively large pores on face and nose

ü      Advanced Aftercare for Burn and Cancer Areas

ü      Nail quality enhancer (Rejuvinit© Nail Oil)

ü      Stress Reliever

ü      Mild Aphrodisiac and Libido Booster

ü      PMS, Painful Periods, Hot Flushes

Remarkable results have been noted within five days of application. The older, more damaged skin usually needs a few more days to start showing the rejuvenating effects.

Rejuvinit© may assist in balancing skin, increases elasticity, tones dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin and is often used to alleviate or negate stretch marks and scars.

Sunblock and make-up can be applied within 5 minutes after application of Rejuvinit©.  

PRECAUTION: Do not use Rejuvinit© products during pregnancy. Traces of Nuts.

All Natural - Plant Based - Contains no preservatives

10ml contains approximately 250 drops of oil

1 drop of oil covers approximately 10x10cm of skin

Units in box: 1
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